Embroidery Monogram Fonts: What you need to know!

By | May 20, 2014

How do you express yourself? A very typical question being asked most commonly by people but though this is very simple, you will find time to stop and pause for a while and then think of an answer. Expressing one’s thought and ideas can be very unique to people, making every individual different from each other.
Expressing one’s thoughts and ideas could be through writing, talking, reading books or even in drawing. There are really a lot of ways of how to do this depending on what a person desires. One of the things that interest a lot of people is the art of embroidery. Even though there is a certain level of difficulty when it comes to this art, individuals are still doing this for it is so challenging in a good way.

What is Embroidery?

embroidery-fontEmbroidery is another type of craft and at the same time an art which involves stitching different pictures, sceneries or other decorative accents on various types of cloths. This is mainly using needles and colourful threads. This can be made through an embroidery machine or for others; they manage of embroidering just by the use of their hands.

Embroidery will never be completed without the use of patterns, this serve as a guide to make the design on the cloth more detailed and précised though there are others who are amazingly good in embroidering even without the aid of a pattern. There are patterns which are very simple but then most of it is very complicated only suited to those who are professionals.

To make these more beautiful and attractive, embroiderers are using embroidery monogram fonts. These fonts will make each letter on the cloth more unique, personalized and even more modernized.

Sizes of Monogram Fonts

If you are going to combine the letters with designs and you are having a hoop with a size of 4×4 then letters with fonts 1 and 1.5 inches is the best. But when it comes to spelling names, preferred font sizes would be 1, 1,5 and 2 inches. Those who have stackable monograms, 3.5 and 4 inches is mostly preferred by embroiders but when it comes to monograms consisting of three letters, popular sizes includes 3 and 1.5 inches. On the other hand monograms which are single lettered and are usually stitched on ribbons, popular sizes includes 1 and 4 inches.

Where Can You Use Embroidery Monogram Fonts?

The embroidery monogram fonts are can be used for different fabrics and purposes. These types of fonts is basically used for table and linen napkins, wedding handkerchiefs, towels and are usually having limited embroidered letters or sometimes only initials of a name. These monogram fonts can also be embroidered in pillowcases wherein it is being stitched at the centre of it or near its midpoint. On the other hand, embroidered monograms in shams are usually stitched also at the sham’s centre.

It is recommended that whenever you are stitching monogram fonts use the right type of stabilizer and a hoop while you are doing the process even if it is through the embroidery machine or by hand to ensure that you will not mess up and a good result is guaranteed. These fonts are really applicable to almost everything.

Things to Remember in Purchasing Embroidery Monogram Fonts

There are times that first- timer embroiderers are having a hard time of choosing the right size for their projects. Because of this, most of them are getting mistakes while they are doing the embroidering process making them to change again or repeat the process which is really frustrating on their part. To help them out, here are things needed to be considered in purchasing embroidery monogram fonts.

  • The first thing should be considered is the hoop available. The size of the hoop will help you determine one what proper size of font you need and will be guiding you to avoid to do too much resizing on your embroidery. The hoop will also show you the limitations of designs you will be putting in your projects once you have decided to combine letters with design.
  • The font should match on what project you are working on. If it is a bigger project, then you should be considering of making use of a larger scale font which will make the project more attractive and balanced. If you will not be matching the size of the font to the size of the fabric, the design will stay as dull and plain.
  • Choose the monogram font which fits to your personality or to the person you will be giving the project so that it will become more personalized and customized.

In General

Embroidery monogram fonts are fonts which will make every embroidered project more beautiful and attractive thus making these things as great gifts to your love ones and for yourself. By using these fonts, your skills and creativity are all enhanced. Make embroidery more fun and significant as well as a good way of expressing wonderful ideas.

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