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Embroidery Monogram Fonts: What you need to know!

How do you express yourself? A very typical question being asked most commonly by people but though this is very simple, you will find time to stop and pause for a while and then think of an answer. Expressing one’s thought and ideas can be very unique to people, making every individual different from each […]

Embroidery Needles: A Guide

Embroidery is very challenging but at the same time very fun. People who are into this art find themselves improving in terms of their attitudes of being patient. It also enhances their skills as well as their creativity. Since this is really interesting, more people are getting interested and are thinking of doing this, too. […]

Embroidery Floss: Types & Brands

Embroidery is a typical sewing craft which involves attractive stitching done through machine or hand. This art needs various kinds of floss, depending on a number of factors such as the kind of materials or fabric used, the embroidery and stitch strategy is done, and the type of needle is needed. Even if embroidery is […]