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5 Ways to Buy a Cheap Embroidery Machine

Many people, mothers especially, are hooked with making embroidery designs for their kids. They would spend their time making embroideries on the clothes of their children and even spend most of their free time just doing designs or naming the stuff of their children. Some people do embroidery as their hobby and some would do it for a living. But no matter what a person’s purpose is with doing embroidery, it is essential that they are using an embroidery machine that can keep up with their activity. Continue reading

Embroidery Monogram Fonts: What you need to know!

How do you express yourself? A very typical question being asked most commonly by people but though this is very simple, you will find time to stop and pause for a while and then think of an answer. Expressing one’s thought and ideas can be very unique to people, making every individual different from each other.
Expressing one’s thoughts and ideas could be through writing, talking, reading books or even in drawing. There are really a lot of ways of how to do this depending on what a person desires. One of the things that interest a lot of people is the art of embroidery. Even though there is a certain level of difficulty when it comes to this art, individuals are still doing this for it is so challenging in a good way. Continue reading

Embroidery Needles: A Guide

Embroidery is very challenging but at the same time very fun. People who are into this art find themselves improving in terms of their attitudes of being patient. It also enhances their skills as well as their creativity. Since this is really interesting, more people are getting interested and are thinking of doing this, too.

Just like in any other fields, the art of embroidery comes with a lot of information that those interested people should know because this is not literally easy. This actually needs a lot of patience and skills but you cannot hide the fact that there is always room for improvement and new learning is open for everybody. Continue reading

Silk Ribbon Embroidery Explained

Aside from the plain embroideries that can be used with your kids stuff and even with your personal belongings, there are still other embroidery techniques that leave people in awe whenever they would see great masterpieces with the use of such techniques. One of the popular techniques that are used by many embroidery enthusiasts is Silk Ribbon Embroidery. This is because of the combined luxury and beauty that the finished products show after every design or pattern is finished with the use of luxurious silk ribbons.

How Silk Ribbon Embroidery Started

silk ribbon embroideryIt is said that most silk ribbon designs have appeared in France during the 1700s. The technique was used for elaborating the designs and decorations on the court and royal dresses. Most of the items with these embroideries were made by some of the famous embroidery houses during those times and required several months of labor.

Most of the extravagant decorations that are made for French nobles and kings were seen in various portraits from the period. Some of the techniques used before were runching, rosettes and bows and are seen not only on dresses but also with workbags, stomachers, pincushions and pocketbooks. The popularity of silk ribbon embroidery did not stop during the 1700s.

Between the years 18020 and 1840, this kind of embroidery was commonly on men’s waistcoats, needlecases, reticule and other items used domestically. In around 1870, its popularity went higher when there were new ribbons introduced. Most ribbon embroidery can be found in different clothing, home décor, millinery and quilts. Though the use of ribbon embroidery was quietly done in different countries, its availability is still evident as many needleartists are still creating more finish products of the embroidery technique.

Silk Ribbons Used with the Embroidery Technique

One the reasons why there are people saying that this kind of technique is difficult to achieve is because of the fact that they are about use craft ribbons. There are different kinds of ribbons used in attaining a particular pattern or design, and some of these ribbons are the following:

  • YLI

This is a silk ribbon made from Japan and is available in different sizes and colors.

  • Bucilla

Available in USA but is known as a German brand. Experts are saying that you can either love or hate its used since it is made from pure silk. This comes in a wide range of sizes and colors and a choice that most people would say difficult to work with at first.

  • Mokuba

It is another brand made in Japan and is synthetic. This is made in the highest quality and is highly recommended for those who do not want to use any ribbon made from pure silk.

  • Yodamo/ Eterna

This is a brand known for the silk thread and floss that they are offering. But now, people can take advantage of the silk ribbons that they are offering a huge variety of colors.

  • Offray

It is a good option for those looking for ribbons that they can use for craft and embroidery uses. Though it can be bought anywhere, it is best that you will be careful with choosing the type of ribbon you would use for embroidery.

These are some of the common ribbons that you can choose from and most needleartists are using for their embroidery projects.

Start Learning the Basic Stitches

There are many kinds of stitches that can be used with silk ribbon embroidery and some people who are just starting with the technique are interested with stitches they can use with their first ribbon embroidery projects. The following are some of the common stitches in silk ribbon embroidery:

  • Straight Stitch

The most basic stitch that any embroidery enthusiast can do is this one. There are many effects that can be done with this kind of stitch. All you have to do is to be creative with your pattern.

  • Ribbon Stitch

For creating petals and leaves, this is the stitch that you should learn. It is best used with silk ribbon to achieve the curl and other effects you want for the petals and leaves.

  • French knots

This can be used as buds of flowers or to create a beaded look on your canvas.

  • Lazy daisy

Another stitch technique that you can use of the petals and leaves is the lazy daisy. Unlike the ribbon stitch that could only be done with silk ribbon, this stitch can be used with perle cotton and floss.

  • Stem stitch

For outlining your pattern or design and creating flower stems, this stitching technique is the one that you should not miss. It can be used with any thread or ribbon that you would use with your embroidery pattern.

These are just the basic stitches that you should learn. You can always ask for the help of professionals when it comes to other stitching techniques that you can use to make sure that the first silk ribbon embroidery project would have the look that you want.

How to Pick the Best Embroidery Design Software

When choosing embroidery software, you have to do a proper research the different software programs, looking for the right software suitable for your requirement need not to be stressful, however, it is best to be conscious what is accessible so you get the most excellent one.
Embroidery or stitching has come a long way since the times when your great grandmother and grandmothers make their own exceptional masterpiece; lots of these masterpieces have been passed from generation to generation. At this point in time, equipments and computer programs replicate the styles and at less than one to a tenth of the time it took them to make a remarkable embroidered piece. Continue reading

T-Shirt Embroidery – A Great Business Opportunity!

There are a lot of types of t- shirts available in the market as well as online. All of these are equipped with various designs and styles depending on what is the newest trend- setter.

T- Shirts are always been the simplest way of becoming fashion trendy and it is comfortable to wear most especially if it is made with pure cotton. Since there are a lot of designs and styles that t- shirts have nowadays, there are people who are looking for something which will make them unique from other wearers. Some of them find it very cool to wear t-shirts with embroidered designs though this is not that all new at all, there are people who are still finding time of innovating this and make it more modernized. Continue reading

What is In the Hoop Emboidery ?

Embroidery is really a state-of-an-art craft which is very challenging but at the same time, a very enjoyable thing to do. This is an activity which enhances your attitude of being patient towards finishing an embroidered product and you can even do this with your friends by making a design exclusively to your group only or you can even make embroidered products for your whole family.

There are really a lot of stuffs you can benefit from embroidery and it comes along with different types which you can do. You can consider t- shirt embroidery to make your t- shirt more beautiful and unique but if you are looking for something which will make you more interested, then you may try doing the in-the-hoop embroidery.

What about In the Hoop Embroidery?

in-the-hoopIn the hoop embroidery us another way of embroidering allowing the embroiderers to assemble, embroider as well as sewing a project by making use of an embroidery machine. There are a lot of things you can do from this, from potholders to door hangers, tissue holders to cool ornaments, eyeglass cases to purses and many more all are equipped with personal effects.

The advantage of this is that these provides you products with consistent quality and are very easy to create marking your way of having all possible great ways you can give to your love ones. It is more customized and more personalized, the best way of showing your feeling to people such as love, compassionate and even for simply saying thank you. You are also given the chance to make stuffs for personal use and even a good idea for putting up a business.

Some people really find it a good opportunity of putting up a business most especially if it is in lined with this type of embroidery. This is a great way of expressing themselves, their thoughts as well as their creativity. They will be able to show to other people the benefits of having embroidered products compared to other products available in the market.

Tips in Making In the Hoop Embroidery Projects

If you are interested of making your own designs through the use of in the hoop embroidery, here are tips which will guide you all throughout the process.

  • Fabric choosing– In making in the hoop embroidery projects you should choose the fabric suited to your needs. By choosing the right colour and the type of fabric, the process will become easier and convenient. You can purchase a set of colourful coordinating fabrics, this is already enough to make different ITH projects, of course depending on the size of the project and how many of it you will be making.
  • Thread choosing– in making embroidery designs, the threads which are commonly used are rayon and the polyester thread. But when it comes to in the hoop embroidery, most embroiderers more preferred sewing thread which is made polyester wrapped with cotton or a thread merely made up of cotton only. The thread should have also a relatively strong thread tension. The tension of the thread is can be adjusted in an embroidery machine and is being set to 2.8 but changed it to 5 to make the lower threads as well as the upper threads balanced. Use the thread which matches with the colour of your fabric so that the finish project is cool and even more beautiful.
  • Stabilizer– this is important and very essential most especially in the art of embroidery. Most ITH projects are using tearaway stabilizer providing good stability while in the process of embroidering. By choosing the right stabilizer for your projects, it will make it finer, smoother and at the same time more beautiful. There are a lot of stabilizers you may use including a wash- away stabilizer and unbleached muslin.
  • Hooping– you need to hoop properly the stabilizer and the design for the embroidering process to run smoothly. This will also help in précised lining up of the tack downs, die lines, stitch borders as well as all the decorative elements. There are stabilizers which are very inflexible making it hard for it to hoop, in this case, there is a need for you to test the inner portion of the hoop and see if it will not pop out. If it does not pop out, then you may continue the embroidering process.

By following the above mentioned tips making a projects involving an in the hoop embroidery is easy to achieved thus you are enhancing your embroidery skills and creativity.

The Bottom Line

So, if you are looking for something which will totally make you interested and will let out your inner creativity, don’t hesitate in giving a try the in the hoop embroidery. You will not just be having fun but you are also given the chance of improving your skills and learning other things there is in this world.

Embroidery Floss: Types & Brands

Embroidery is a typical sewing craft which involves attractive stitching done through machine or hand. This art needs various kinds of floss, depending on a number of factors such as the kind of materials or fabric used, the embroidery and stitch strategy is done, and the type of needle is needed. Even if embroidery is typically completed through hand, in present years, sewing tools have been made which can complete hard patterns with the use of software. Continue reading